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Gastroenterology BillingNexus Makes Billing Easy to Digest

As the cost of providing Gastroenterology related healthcare services continues to rise, medical institutions and Gastroenterology practices cannot afford to leave revenue uncollected. 

Nexus makes digesting Gastroenterology billing easy

Gastroenterology practices are frequently exposed to underpayments resulting from improper coding of diagnosis and procedures, and lack of follow up on denials and unpaid claims. At Nexus Healthcare Solutions we have expertise in gastroenterology billing to ensure your practice gets paid quickly. Our team can efficiently handle the coding and billing of diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases as well as sub-specialty areas such as bowel diseases, therapeutic endoscopy and colonoscopy, gastrointestinal cancer and its prevention, endoscopic surveillance, pancreatic disease, clinical nutrition, and transplantation.

Our gastroenterology billing team can help you today! Contact us to learn how Nexus Healthcare Solutions will help your practice revenue grow.

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