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Medical BillingIt's a Pain in the Ass But We Love It

Nexus Healthcare Solutions - Your time should be focused on patient care. Our focus is simplifying patient statements and the claims process. We keep is simple and efficient, with on-time payment processing. Don't sweat it, we've got it covered. Our network of healthcare providers trust us to keep the money flowing where it matters. You make more money with us!

We leverage Kareo and other proven technology platforms to automate tasks and simplify workflows.

We meticulously follow your claims from initial submission to payment posting.

Billing is a pain in the ass. There, we said it. And it’s only getting more complicated, between regulations, rising costs, and decreased reimbursements. But we love it. (We’re weird like that.) We make the process painless for everyone: patients, office staff, and physicians. Plus, we know what’s up with current regulations—and what’s coming—so you can collect with confidence. With our billing and coding services, you’ll get the standard stuff, plus that extra Nexus touch.

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