Nexus Healthcare Solutions - Client Reviews & Testimonials

PEER REVIEWSWords from our Fanatics

Leo Treyzon, MD

“Nexus makes my job easier. They are my go-to whenever I don’t understand anything financial or billing related…It’s as easy as getting on the phone, sending and e-mail or a text message saying I need help… and it’s done.”

Susan Baker, MD

“I switched to Nexus because of their many years of experience with billing, their amazing reputation with the community and their availability and efficiency…Somebody will get back to our office very quickly, whether it’s with an e-mail or a text or a phone call, within seconds or minutes they will go out of their way at any time of the day, evening or weekend to answer our questions.”

Jonathan Ellis, MD

“The best part about working with Nexus is that we don’t hear back from our patients very much regarding their interactions with the billing company because they are very satisfied…Where they helped our practice the most was consulting us through the transition from an in network doctor to an out of network doctor”

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